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For my senior capstone at Lehigh University I worked with a small team to continue development on a search portal for the non-profit AEquitas. AEquitas is a nonprofit organization focused on developing, evaluating, and refining prosecution practices related to gender-based violence and human trafficking. During development, I posted some medium blogs documenting my problem solving approach to obstacles I ran into during development.

❓ The Problem

Prior to AEquitas docs, AEquitas was using Dropbox to store their legal corpus. The drawback with this approach is that when the AEquitas team was building a case, they were limited to the Dropbox keyword search for finding documents.

💡 The Solution

The solution was to create a more sophisticated search portal that the AEquitas team could use to lookup documents in their corpus. Using Apache Solr, AWS, and Vue.js my team created a search web app that let the AEquitas team upload, delete, and search for documents. During our development I designed the infrastructure using AWS API Gateway, Lambda Functions, EC2 instances

🏆 My Contributions

📺 Demo Video