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Palette Hub is a social media site for sharing palettes of hex code colors. Users can register with their Google account to create, browse, and share palettes, as well as engage with them through “likes.”

🥞 The Stack

The purpose of Palette Hub is to showcase a full stack website including Database Management, Backend REST API, Frontend Website, and Container Orchestration. I diversified the stack to exhibit a wide range of skills. The stack includes a MySQL Database, Spring Boot REST API, React website, Nginx web server, and Docker Compose container orchestration.

MySQL Database
Nginx Web Server
React App

🔭 The Future

Going forward I'm focusing expanding the targeted market as well as user acquisition. I'm taking the following steps to accomplish this:

🔎 Technical Documentation

The entire website codebase is available on GitHub for review. Additionally each directory has a README going into further detail on how each segment of the website works. For example, the REST API endpoint readme documents all the endpoints and their features.